The Journey Projects

Workshop with Lithonia mayor Deborah Jackson, 2012

Community Art. Journeys Around the World!

Community Driven Projects

Working from ancient African notions of ancestry, storytelling, masquerade and performance, The Journey Projects utilize memory to create site-specific installations for the community that includes personal and private documents, oral histories and photographs.  This effort is collaborative with the artist working through members of the community to develop and create the artwork. Once completed, the artwork is often left with the community partner. It is a wonderful way to bring members of the community together and memories flow as the artwork is created. It is a healing process.

Community Collaborations

The Journey Projects is a collaborative effort between artist and community. Community art brings creativity to the public. 

Creative Engagement for All

The Journey Projects includes all age groups in the fabrication of the artwork. Community member input ranges from administrative to hands on fabrication so that there is a place for everyone! The platform also offers a space for sharing. Whether it's gathering leaves and branches in the woods to make cyanotype (sun) prints,  or telling stories about a loved one who has passed away, this project celebrates ancestry because ancestry is universal and should be celebrated with love, kindness, and respect!