There are visual stories to be told and I tell them.
Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier 
(b. 1954, Pinehurst, NC. Currently lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia and Red Springs, NC.)  

Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier has been documenting the American South since 1989 and works both figuratively and abstractly. She researches and collages photography, painting, and writing, with primary source documents from diaries and letters, which she incorporates into her image-based mixed-media quilts and 2-D and 3-D sculptures and mixed media works. With an aim of re-examining and re-framing historical figures, she engages her subjects through dialogue focusing on their life stories and historical incidences attached to place. She is inspired by indigenous cultural traditions and stories from people that she has met during her travels, which include international residencies.  Her vibrant paintings explore personal investigations into movement and transformation often drawn from the universal concept of ancestry and memory.