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First Church Ancestor: William A. Morris, II, Educator

William A. Morris, II

This is a photo of my father, the late William A. Morris, II (Howard University Class of ’36) taken around 1951. My father at the time was a Regional Director with the Afro-American Life Insurance Company covering the South Georgia/North Florida region. He eventually became principal for many years of S.H. Dunlap Elementary School in Thomasville, GA. One of his teachers while at Dunlap Elementary was Mrs. Jean Childs Young, late wife of Rev. Andrew Young  as Rev. Young was Pastor of Bethany Congregational Church in Thomasville during my father’s early years as principal.

My father went on to become the first African-American elected official in Thomas County Georgia, serving on the Board of Education until his death in 1986. –Danny Morris

William A. Morris, II, Educator

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