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Young Photographers!

The commission awarded by the Fulton County Commission is the largest awarded to me and the Journey Projects to date. I  immediately thought about the notion of sustainability, which includes not only supporting local merchants  but  also sustaining local artists.  The commission presents the opportunity […]

First Church Ancestor, John Thomas Gayton, Washington State Pioneeer

Born a few months after the end of the Civil War, John Thomas Gayton drove to Seattle by stagecoach in 1888 from Yazoo City, Miss. A year later, as Sheriff’s Deputy, Gayton helped fight Seattle’s Great Fire During his first years here, J.T., as he […]

First Church Ancestor, William Benjamin Reynolds

ImageWilliam Benjamin Reynolds is the grandfather of Miss Simone Reynolds Anicette. Simone’s mother, Suzzanne Reynolds Anicette, writes:

“I have included a photo of my father, the ancestor my daughter chose to memorialize. I’ve also included a photo of the historic Congregational church in Guyana, South America where my father attended.  He was also  educated in the primary school, which is a historical landmark and one of the oldest congregations in the Americas that educated and welcomed slaves.  Thank you so much in advance for including the children in the work that you are doing for the church we are delighted to have representation  of the continuing Christian Education that goes on at First Church!”

On this Sunday, I will do a cyanotype workshop with youngsters at First Congregational Church. The children will choose an ancestor to remember. Parents will send me a digital file of the ancestor and I will take the digital file and convert it into a negative. We will place the negative over fabric that has been sensitized with the cyanotype chemical. We will  expose the negative by placing it in direct sunlight.  The cyanotye chemical is then washed out leaving a photographic image. The resulting image, along with the photograph of the ancestor will be sewn into the Agan that I am making for the church.

Welcome to the Journey Projects at First Congregational Church, Atlanta, GA

The Journey Projects is pleased to be commissioned to create a permanent site-specific artwork for the east wing of the newly renovated  First Congregational Church located in downtown Atlanta. According to the First Church website, “The First Congregational Church of Atlanta came into existence as a […]