Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier, Art and Community

Redressing the Stone


Redressing the Stone brings together members of the Lithonia, Georgia community as they collaborate with artist Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier to create an Agan for the community. The Agan is a masquerade costume that is used in an Egungun masquerade in Nigeria. Egungun means bones or ancestors. Artist Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier creates Agans for communities.  Through a series of hands on workshops and other activities, members of the community collaborate with the artist to create this sacred cloth.

“Lithonia” means “city/town of stone”. It lies just 18 miles outside of Atlanta and is considered an Atlanta suburb. Lithonia is in the heart of the Georgian granite quarrying and viewing region.  According to, “The community got its unusual name, according to locals, when, in the 1840s, a Classics teacher combined the Greek words “Litho” meaning “rock” and “Onia” meaning “place.” Considering that the East Dekalb area contains an abundance of Gneiss granite, the teacher aptly chose the name Lithonia.

The nearby granite dome, Stone Mountain, is composed largely of a rock called Lithonia gneiss.”

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