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Introducing Sepiastory

manoj-chennai morning-by hrishi-1000I first met Manoj Purushothaman at the Alternate Roots retreat in 2013. He interviewed me about  the Journey Projects. He later contacted me about doing video documentation for the Journey Projects.

I was impressed by Manoj’s gentle manner and his passion for documentation. When I asked why he chose to document my process, his answer was that my work focused on ancestors. He went on to tell me about his own process, which is fascinating.

I won’t tell the whole story here because you should go to his website and take a look at his work. I can tell you that he grew up in the beautiful port city of Cochin, in the Indian peninsula. That he worked in IT but left that profession to pursue a career in photography. He continues to explore the photographic medium but is also working in film. A true Renaissance man, Manoj writes screenplays and also paints.

Manoj and I have interviewed a number of people who lent us their photographs for the project and we will be sharing clips from the interviews in the future. To learn more about Manoj and his work please visit his website at

Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier, Director of the Journey Projects

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