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I have been offered a little house…

Wednesday, March 20, 2013. A generous patron has offered me the use of a little house in Madison, Georgia. It has four rooms, including the kitchen. I was told that the house had not been lived in for quite some time  so I had no idea what to expect on my first visit. I went online saw a picture of the house. It didn’t look bad.

Very few sidewalks on this side of town

When I got there I found that the house was in rough shape.  It had been a duplex so it had two doors, which was quite amusing. Its chimney had been removed, owing to a former tenant who complained that a snake had entered through the chimney opening.  Many people are terrified of snakes owing to the Biblical symbolism of the snake as the devil.

No snake had been found but that they did find a snake skin in the woman’s things when she moved out. I hated that the chimney had been removed.

The house was very dark on the inside, as the walls were covered in cheap brown sheet paneling and there were cobwebs everywhere.  The carpet in one of the front rooms was dirty and I knew that it would have to be removed.  The bathroom was a mess and needed a complete overhaul. Still, I had been offered the home to me rent free. I would just have to pay the utilities and taxes, mow the lawn and provide general upkeep.

So I returned today, along with my partner Tim, to clean up and polish the diamond in the rough.  As I watched the neighborhood children playing in the street, (no sidewalks on this side of town), I felt like Zora Neale Hurston again. I am often referred to as Zora because of my adventures and investigations of African-American oral histories. I look forward to a new journey in Milledgeville and points beyond; journeys into the knowing silence that makes up the world of  myths and dreams.

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  • Glad you have a house! Dark wood paneling can be painted if you use a good oil based primer first. I had best luck with a brush because of the grooves, but you could use a roller to get the paint on the wall, then go over it with a brush.

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