Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier, Art and Community



Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier & The Journey Projects

Linnemeier photographs a family in Eatonville, FL after meeting and looking at personal family photographs

Atlanta based artist Lynn Marshall Linnemeier has been documenting the people and places of the south for nearly three decades. She is known for her community based artist projects (The Journey Projects) as well as her large-scale, site-specific, photo-based mixed media installations.

Mapping the Present Just Went By, Agan for Madison Morgan African American Community, Presented at Madison Morgan Cultural Center, 2010

In 2010, Linnemeier presented the first Agan at the the Madison Morgan Cultural Center in historic Madison, Georgia, located 55 miles east of Atlanta. The Agan is traditionally a textile based masquerade costume worn during Egungun (pronounced eh-goon-goon, meaning “ancestor”) masquerades in parts of Africa. The Yoruba speaking people of Nigeria, who practice Ifa hold elaborate masquerades honoring the dead. Their Egungun ceremonies and costumes are known worldwide.

Borrowing from this African social model of collaboration, she builds facsimiles of the Agan, which often relies on community participation. There are many layers to the collaborations, which may include:

  • Gathering images from personal family archives
  • Workshops in photography
  • Sewing Circles to fabricate the artwork

The Journey Projects serves as a catalyst for public discourse. Ancestry and memory are universal and connect us all to the past, present and future.