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Welcome to the Journey Projects at First Congregational Church, Atlanta, GA

An early view of First Congregational Church

The Journey Projects is pleased to be commissioned to create a permanent site-specific artwork for the east wing of the newly renovated  First Congregational Church located in downtown Atlanta. According to the First Church website, “The First Congregational Church of Atlanta came into existence as a “gathered church” on May 26, 1867.  As one of the oldest African American Congregational churches in the United States, the early history of First Church is embedded in the history of the American Missionary Association (A.M.A.).”

The photo-based mixed media artwork will consist of pieced fabric containing photographic images of the ancestors of church members along with a large scale mixed-media painting that includes a photograph of a fountain that was installed outside the church shortly after the Atlanta race riots in 1906. African Americans did not have access to clean drinking water after they passed a certain point on Courtland Street downtown. In response to the lack of access to water, the church installed a fountain providing water to all. The photograph, possibly taken by Thomas Askew, documents this historic event.

The unveiling of the artwork is scheduled for October 6, 2012. Entitled “The Ancestral Memory of Water”, the artwork will be right at home among the newly restored stained glass windows. To learn more about this historically significant church, which has been placed on the National Registry of Historic Places please click the link:  First Church, Atlanta, GA.

In the coming weeks, look for posts about ancestors of church members and information about the history of the church.

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