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Catching Up

It’s been a while since I’ve written on the Journey Projects blog. In fact, it’s been over six months! ‘So what have you been doing since you last posted’ you might ask. Let’s see if we can’t catch up.

Groundbreaking September 8, 2014 Wolf Creek Library, Atlanta, GA.
Groundbreaking September 8, 2014 Wolf Creek Library, Atlanta, GA.

Beneath the Ogirishi Tree, the Journey Projects at Wolf Creek has been installed! The Wolf Creek Library opened on September 8!  I am currently working on Angels In Straight Jackets, Exalted on the Ward, a site-specific installation for Georgia College and State University that will open on January 20, 2015 in Milledgeville, GA. This new work remembers those interned at Central State Hospital, a state mental health facility founded in the mid-1800’s. More to come on this project.

So many people were employed on the Wolf Creek project and I was so happy to pay artists for their work. Jason Smith and his crew at Smithworks Iron and Design brought my vision to life through their fabrication of the Ogirishi Tree, which greets visitors upon entering the library.

Smithworks Iron & Design installing Ogirishi Tree.
Smithworks Iron & Design installing Ogirishi Tree. The tree, comprised of steel, ceramic tiles and ornaments is approximately 18′ tall. It contains two benches –one for adults and children that face the large glassed windows.
Pierre Coiron, Stability Engineering, working on structural design.
Pierre Coiron,  Stability Engineering, working on structural design.

Pierre Coiron of Stability Engineering was structural engineer for the project. The trunk, legs, benches, and branches all had to be precisely placed to ensure stability and safety. You should check out the engineering firm’s work on some major architectural projects in Atlanta and points beyond.

The Ogirishi Tree.
The Ogirishi Tree.

When entering the lobby of the library you can see the tree in the distance and the light from the surrounding landscape through the wall of windows. Leo Daly & Associates designed the building. I remember envisioning the tree when the space was just forest. To see my vision come to light. to complete the project on schedule despite setbacks tried my nerves at times but overall the journey was magical. I continue to push the boundaries of what I imagine and what I can do with this life that has been filled with making things tied to memory and myth. More to come…

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