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Catching Up, In Progress

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This is a self-portrait study for Angels In Straight Jackets, the Central State Hospital Project. I am working from research by Mab Segrest. We are particularly interested in intake documents of patients committed there. Charis LoveJoy (not her real name), an African American woman from rural Georgia was committed to the hospital in the early 1900s for “praying, shouting, singing and crying”. She also talks to dead relatives. This self-portrait reincarnates the spirit of one of those dead relatives. According to Segrest, “this is a story, then, about how suffering is created, understood, treated, denied, and protracted in the South’s slave and post-slave culture whose very ruling tenants seemed, at times, themselves insane.”

To learn more like “The Journey Projects”on Facebook. I’ll post more about Angels in Straight Jackets and Strength of Heart: A Journey Project for the Community at Wolf Creek and South Fulton County. I have been commissioned by Fulton County to produce art work for the soon to be built Wolf Creek Library. Stay tuned for this exciting project and others.

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