Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier, Art and Community

Day: March 20, 2017

Wolf Creek Library Project

Product / Service Categories Project Name Talk about this portfolio piece–who you did it for and why, plus what the results were (potential customers love to hear about real-world results). Discuss any unique facets of the project–was it accomplished under an impossible deadline?–and show how […]

Ms. Hurston’s Eatonville

  Zora Neale Hurston in Florida After spending years in Mound Bayou, Mississippi, the second oldest incorporated municipality founded by African Americans in the US, I am now working on a Journeys Project in Eatonville, Florida, the first incorporated African American municipality in the US. Eatonville […]



 Angels In Straight Jackets  is a multi-media installation that will feature sound, performance, projection and video centered on three textile- based mixed media sculptures. It is a collaboration of three artists and scholars: mixed media artist and “visual mythographer” Lynn Marshall Linnemeier, of Atlanta, scholar Mab Segrest, Fuller-Maathai Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies at Connecticut College in New London, and Shani Collins, Professor of Dance and Movement at Connecticut College. The goal of installation is to examine the ancestral memory of patients and personnel who lived and worked at Central State Hospital in Milledgeville, Georgia. The hospital once one of the largest and oldest asylums in the world housed thousands of patients in this asylum and later prison that was the capital of Georgia during the Civil War.  The goal is to examine the hospital through the lens of community memory and an exhibition to be held at Georgia College and State University also located in Milledgeville.

Redressing the Stone

THIS FROM AN EARLIER POST: Redressing the Stone brings together members of the Lithonia, Georgia community as they collaborate with artist Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier to create an Agan for the community. The Agan is a masquerade costume that is used in an Egungun masquerade in Nigeria. […]