Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier, Art and Community

Month: September 2010

Seeds Store Knowledge

In the fall, the grasses emerge announcing that it is time to go to seed. Seeds store knowledge. They are like maps for future generations.


Sometimes I Journey Alone

The Root of the Investigation

One of my favorite stories from childhood is the journey of Little Red Riding Hood. She out tricked the ultimate trickster, the wolf. I recommend Little Red Riding Hood Uncloaked by Catherine Orenstein to better know this character.

The idea of uncloaking and the fairy tale has always been intriguing to me. My upcoming project involves uncloaking a history that is rooted in community and centers around a woman of mixed-ancestry, Catherine Boyd.

The root of the investigation is oral history. I maneuver back and forth between what is being said and what I imagine. Is this dream?

Congratulations to the Winner

Fwd: Hudgens Prize Finalists Announced


Cassie. I found her when I was installing the show in Madison. Ollie heard her first. I thought it was the peacock. Then Danielle, my assistant heard her and I looked around the corner and there she was. I called her and she came up […]

Initial Welcome from Another Site

Hi. I am a visual mythologist. I teach but mostly I make journeys. These journeys are spiritual, educational, historical and visual. They take place in mostly rural settings—places that I have encountered along the way. Pretty simple really, just me moving and wrapping myself in the many layers of communities where I land.

My name is Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier. Welcome to The Journey Projects.